Yumlok, a name quite famous among the people of Marathahalli and Brookfield, is renowned for its 100% vegetarian menu and affordable pricing. The first Yumlok outlet I visited was at the AECS Layout Brookfield followed by a home delivery from another outlet. In both the cases it was a great experience I have had with the restaurant. When the restaurant opened its 4th store in the busy streets of SGR Dental College road, Marathahalli, a path that I traverse every day on my way to office, I was quite excited and happy about the way business is growing. Mr. Avinash, the co-founder of the business, happily invited me and my friend to try the food and share an overall feedback about the new venture.

yumlok marathahalli

Yumlok Restaurant Review

Like I said, the restaurant is located in one of the busiest streets in the Marathahalli and for that reason it’s better you forget about parking. You either park in adjacent street or, if it’s bike, you may get lucky getting a spot right up front. The area is kind of dusty and roads are full of gutters, all credit goes to BBMP and the government. Luckily, in case of Yumlok, the store entrance is covered by glass and there is a catchy name board in the façade.

The restaurant ambience is silent; the front door does a great job in filtering out the outside noises. It’s a long hall with more than 10+ tables and a highchair seating at the end of the room. The wash area is separated by a wooden enclosure which split opens to and fro. A well-lit lighting is done by over head lamps and wall hanging lights.

We ordered Mushroom Chit Chat, Paneer Chatpati, Methi Roti, Jeera Tadka Rice, Guest Wali Lassi and Gulab Jamun.

The Mushroom Chit Chat, starter dish, was button mushroom deep-fried further sautéed with chopped onion, capsicum, garlic in chilli and soya sauce. Topped with cheese sauce. Garnishing and presentation was good. There were 10 pieces and each of it were cooked to perfection. I loved the cheese sauce they have used to garnish and the combination seemed welcoming for the taste buds.

mushroom chit chat

The Methi Roti and Paneer Chatpati was a mouth-watering. The gravy was a combination of onion, tomato, cashew, cream and other spices. The paneer cubes were juicy and well cooked. The curry was not that spicy, the way I like it. The Methi Roti seemed bit out of perfection since it was kind of dry.

methi kulcha

Wish they could add some butter to make it extra delicious. If you are a Paneer lover then Boneless Paneer Kofta, I have tried in Yumlok Brookfield outlet, is a must try. It is one of my favorites so far.

paneer chatpati

The Jeera Tadka Rice was also a nice addition to the dinner. I used the remaining gravy to have my rice while intermittently sipping the delicious Guest Wali Lassi.

guest wali lassi dry fruit lassi

The Lassi was no ordinary one but, was loaded with dry fruits and a pinch of flavors. Lassi is one of my favourite drinks and this one is a MUST try if you are a Lassi lover like me.

And to finish off the dinner we let ourselves indulge into one of the best Indian delicacies, the Gulab Jamun. The jamun was bit chewy instead of juicy. Almond flakes were used for garnishing.

gulab jamun

Overall, it was a nice dinner we had at Yumlok. First, its budget friendly place and that makes it easy for people who can’t cook at home every day. The 100% vegetarian menu is a highlight and the dishes taste almost homemade. The quantity of rice portion can be increased. If you forget about parking hassle it is a nice place to have nice dinner. I wish they revisit the menu especially the drinks and desserts. After all, there are a lot of Indian desserts you can easily add to the menu.


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