When I told my foodie friend about Halli Mane, I didn’t get the pronunciation correct at first which obviously hurt his Kannadiga ego, the first mean question from him was; ‘Do you even know what Halli Mane means?’. Well, being a working professional and resident of Bangalore you will at least learn the meaning of Halli because, almost all places name ends with ‘Halli’. So Halli means Village and Mane, which closely resembles to Manaa – a Malayalam word, bit archaic, meaning ‘House’. Halli means – Village and Mane means – House and I got it right. Perks of being a Keralite. With this limited knowledge, I snapped back at him and I, myself, felt good. Well, that is the story on how we ended up adding this place to our list of ‘To Visit Places’ in Bangalore.

Halli Mane Restaurant Review

halli mane

We visited this place for a late-night dinner while returning after a bike trip from Nandi Hills. Located in a peace and calm neighborhood of old Bangalore, Malleswaram, Halli Mane oozes out an idyllic look of a typical village house. The façade had multiple cut outs for small windows and a traditional south Indian wooden door which split opens. The interior; terra-cotta tiles for flooring, wide semi-spiral stairs, and a gable roof which gives this place a traditional look and feel. The good things about this place, at least for me, pretty much ends there. It was almost their closing time but the restaurant was jam packed. We ordered the traditional Thali meal called Oota. Though this is a pure South Indian place but, the Oota is a feast where they serve a combination of North & South India food in Banana leaf.

PS: The seating areas up-stairs are mainly for serving Thali meals. If you would like to place an order based on menu, then you should go to the self-service counter.

The restaurant was not at all maintained. There were tissues, left over foods, ice cream cups lying on the floor. I see that Hygiene is a big concern raised by many customers and I do would like to join their league especially, after seeing the place in real.

We started off with a veg soup. Once the plate, designed to fit the Banana leaf, was placed they starts serving the different food items. In the first go; there were coconut chutney, Dal Curry, Paneer Masala, Channa curry, papad, salad, Ragi roti and Akki Roti. Once you finish that off, they serves ;Naan, Biriyani and Curd Rice. Food was delicious and I loved the curd rice. You finish off the dinner with one scoop of Ice Cream (included in the Thali).

Halli Mane is a South Indian place and everything South Indian tasted good. I loved the Ragi and Akki Rotis. The curd rice was yum and Paneer curry was mouth-watering. The Naans were dry and was not that great.

I felt like the staff were rushing it a bit, it will be great if they could give some time to finish off what is in the plate before they serve more. Most of the staff only cared about how to serve the food and seems like they almost forgot about cleaning the place once a customer leaves. Don’t let the village theme disguise you from the fact that, this is an old restaurant and needs a major renovation. I see there is a lot of hype about this place and let me assure you one thing. This place is not different than the Udupi Park or Idly shops but, if you want to have a feel having food in Banana leaf and experience the rusty elements of a traditional south Indian restaurant then, this is a must visit place.

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