The Gilly’s is one of the famous restaurant/pub chains in Bangalore and the one I have visited for the first time was the one in New BEL road along with Kiran. Though I liked the ambiance I was not satisfied with the service and seating arrangements. When I heard they opened up a new outlet near to my house I was excited to try it and I did, several times. It was a different experience each time and I think I better keep this review balanced considering the reader’s interest.

Gilly's restobar bangalore

Gilly’s Restobar Review

The first time I visited, there was no such thing as entry charges even during weekends. Now, as the crowd grew they have introduced weekend entry fee and dance floor restricted for stags. If you are planning to visit during weekends its better you book your table in advance or get ready to end up in the smoking area.

Gilly's restobar bangalore

The ambiance is really good. The seating, the lighting and I love the high chair seating here, perfect for groups. There is a dance floor but, something about it is off and you don’t feel like moving your feet near to it. Most of us are worried about the pub bills which usually burns a hole in our pockets, at least in Gilly’s the pricing is quite reasonable. On top of it, there will offers like 1+1 for selected Whiskeys, Beer, Shots, and Wine. Who wouldn’t love a dessert after a ‘healthy’ boozing session? Don’t think twice, just jump in and order as much as you want ‘cos most of it as priced half of what you end up giving in other restaurants. An important thing to note; if you are a vegetarian and love pizzas then there are very limited choices on the menu.

Gilly's restobar bangalore

We ordered; Crispy Corn (MUST TRY if you are planning on drinking, Of Course, you are!), Spinach Corn and Cheese Pizza, Cheese Cherry Basil Pineapple, Asian BBQ Chicken Wings, Crispy Jalapeno Spheres, Chunky Rosemary Cheesy Potato Wedges, Egg Fried Rice, Volcano Chocolate Bursts with Coconut Icecream.

Gilly's restobar bangalore

Like I said, I have had different experiences each time. During weekends the service may depend on the number of the person. If there are more people the servers will be prompt else you may end up waiting for your drink more than 10 mins like I did. I got so pissed off about the service and I had to raise my voice and even asked to cancel my order. The server apologized and within a matter of seconds, he served my order. During weekdays, the place will be almost empty except for a couple of tables. The service was prompt and staff seemed courteous.

Gilly's restobar bangalore

Crispy Corn is a Must Try starter if you are planning to get your hands on to drinks right from the beginning. The fact that it will be served along with your drinks make it even more convenient.

Crispy Corn

The veggies are left with only two choices of Pizza; the Margarita Pizza and Spinach Corn and Cheese Pizza. Out of two, Spinach Corn and Cheese is our favorite. It is a thin crust Pizza with good portions enough for two people and is served along with ketchup.

Spinach Corn and Cheese Pizza

The Asian BBQ Chicken Wings was delicious and are a MUST try for non-vegetarians. The chicken was cooked to perfection and there was a slightly smoky aroma which I loved. Garnished with coriander leaves, sesame seed, and onion.

Asian BBQ Chicken Wings

The Cheese Cherry Basil Pineapple is a dish which is not for everyone. I loved the combination of Cheese cubes, Basil leaves, Cherry and Pineapple cubes skewered using tooth-picks. The dish is served on a plate with a lot of ice cubes to keep it cool. You will either like it or hate it. I loved it.

cheese cherry basil pineapple

Crispy Jalapeno Spheres were also delicious but some of the spheres felt like bit undercooked.

Crispy Jalapeno Spheres

The Chunky Rosemary Cheesy Potato Wedges, on the other hand, was a disaster. I strongly doubt it was microwaved because of the high core temperature of the potato wedges. We didn’t like the presentation or the way they have made the pieces ‘chunky’.

Chunky Rosemary Cheesy Potato Wedges

The Egg Fried Rice was surprisingly good. In fact, one of the best ones I have tried in Bangalore. Yes! One of the best egg fried rice from a pub seems odd but, it was true. This was ordered on a weekday.

Egg Fried Rice

Next, for dessert, we have ordered Volcano Chocolate Bursts with Coconut Ice Cream. Though I loved the dessert the ice cream was not coconut instead was a regular scoop of vanilla. I strongly doubt they have made a mistake on the menu or messed up by dipping hands on the wrong Ice Cream box. Nevertheless, it was one of the best chocolate-based desserts I have ever tried. The quantity was really great for the price. I bet you will end up ordering more than one. The hot chocolate oozes out is a sight which no chocolate lover can never resist. Within a matter of seconds, the plate was wiped clean.

Volcano Chocolate Bursts with Coconut Icecream

Overall, it was a nice experience we had across our visits to Gilly’s except for that one time which I really lost. I even thought of rating 1.5 that day. But, it never happened again and I love this place. The outdoor seats were great with highchair seating and a view which overlooks a huge plot nearby. You don’t have to see traffic instead you will see a vastness of nothing. Peace of mind. The 1+1 offer and offers on beers during happy hours is a great deal. The pricing makes the visit absolutely worth going in and I bet you will like it. Happy to visit again and more than happy to recommend this place to anyone.

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