Indian cuisine is one of the most complex cuisines in the world. We Indians love our desi food more than anything else and yet, an insatiable hunger for foreign food strikes at times. Imagine a restaurant which delivers Italian, Mexican foods with an added Indian Twist. The Firangi Bake does the exact thing and they are one of the famous restaurant chains in Bangalore. With more than 20 outlets in Bangalore, the Firangi Bake specialises in Home delivery of their delicious, but limited, food menu. Firangi means ‘foreigner’ in Hindi and when the folks at Firangi Bake invited me for the food tasting programme I got very excited. Well, over the course of meal, the excitement wore off.


Firangi Bake Review

I have ordered 4 Beans Lasagna and Subz-E-Royal Pot Rice. The bill was around Rs 514 inclusive all the taxes and charges.

Delivery Time and Packaging: I have booked a slot for 7:30 at the night and the order got delivered at 7:00 PM itself, full marks for that. The packaging was really good and I loved the fusion technique they have followed for branding the package. A mix of Hindi and English with a tagline “Global Bakes, Desi Twist”. The food was filled inside aluminium foil containers and the melted cheese toppings got glued to the container walls. When it surely gave the packaging a reassuring hold, it may trouble you a bit while taking out the food.


Food Quantity: When you pay Rs 514 for 2 meal boxes, you will at least expect it is sufficient to fill up 2 people but, I was wrong. The quantity was very low and most of it was a thick layer of cheese. I love cheese but, in a review perspective I felt like it was too much cheese especially on the Subz-E-Royal pot rice. View the attached images and you will understand what I dealt with.

Food Quality: I would say, either you will love it or hate it. The fusion dishes are not meant for everyone. Me and my foodie friend ‘liked’ the attempt by the folks at Firangi Bake. What I didn’t like is the quantity of the food. I can understand the Lasagna situation but, I don’t understand how hard it is, to fill up little more rice when the customers pay a premium. The rice was delicious, loved the flavour and the vegetables were cooked to perfection.


The 4 Beans Lasagna was good but bit spicy for my taste. Like printed, there were 4 types of beans, Rajma, Kabuli Chana, Black eyed pea and Brown Chana, the highlights of the dish. The contents were stuffed between pasta sheets and the Lasagna was topped with the thick layer of cheese. The Indian spices dominated the taste category while the cheese helped it maintain the Italian texture. Both the dishes were served with Kulcha Bread topped with Italian herbs and spices, instead of the typical Garlic Bread.


Like I said, the fusion dishes aren’t for everyone. But we liked it, and kudos to team at Firangi Bake for c come up with such a great menu. Home delivery of Lasagna is a big challenge since it is dish which is meant for immediate consumption. Another important thing to discuss is, whether this is a value for money deal. For now, I would say no! Purely because of the quantity and I believe this is something you can easily taken care of. Also,  I hope the management will open up few restaurant outlets rather than ‘home delivery only’ option and I would love to give it a try.

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