It was a beautiful Tuesday evening, I was still on a transition state from weekend to weekday, my friend Kiran asked me to pick him up after work. The first thought that creep into my mind was the evening traffic. But, when he said to meet him outside the Cold Stone Creamery I had no choice other than going. Who wouldn’t love to have an ice cream on a weekday?

Cold Stone Creamery Review

For those who don’t know, Cold Stone Creamery is an international chain of ice cream stores based out in Arizona, USA. I often mistake this for Cream Stone, names kind of rhymes similar, is an Indian company based out in Hyderabad. With more than 25 years of experience in Ice Cream business, Cold Stone Creamery is one of the famous Ice Cream chains in the world. They serve Ice Creams, Cakes, Shakes and Smoothies.

cold stone creamery ice cream store front

I loved their idea of ’10-minute vacation’, where a customer walks into the store, welcomed by the singing crew members and have a nice time with their loved ones.

The Cold Stone Creamery in Whitefield is no exception, the crew were singing in between and were really friendly. The outlet is located near to the ITPL main road. There is ample parking area right next to the outlet. The store is well-maintained and has a good relaxing ambiance. You will love it here especially, after a tiresome work schedule. There were normal seating and high chair seating. The interior and furnishing have a color theme of red.

cold stone creamery

As we moved near to the Ice Cream counter, the staff greeted us with a pleasant smile and helped us with our order. He walked us through the varieties of Ice Cream and even requested us to try the sample. The menu may seem confusing at the beginning, at least for me, and this is what I understood.

cold stone creamery ice cream seating

The serving sizes in Cold Stone Creamery are; Like It, Love It and Gotta Have It; equivalent to Small, Medium and Large. You can either order from their menu or you can make your own ice cream by selecting flavor. I selected Chocolate Devotion, a combination of Chocolate Ice Cream, Choco Chips, Brownie, and Fudge and asked for extra Choco Chips and Brownies. Kiran made his own Ice Cream by selecting the Rose Milk flavor. If you want your Ice Cream to be served in Waffle Bowl then you may have to pay extra for it. There are a lot of Waffle Bowls to choose from.

cold stone creamery ice cream

The Chocolate Devotion is a must try if you are a hardcore chocolate lover like me. I absolutely loved the Ice Cream, it was fresh and texture was flavorful. The extra Choco chips and brownie gave me chocoragasm. This was a completely different experience than having my favourite Death By Chocolate from Corner House.

chocolate devotion cold stone creamery

The Rose Milk Ice Cream, we were trying for the first time, failed to create an impression on me. It was just a normal flavor and I, honestly, don’t like Rose Milk.

rose milk cold stone creamery ice cream

We ordered two Ice Cream of serving size ‘Love It’ and the quantity was more than enough for two. I would suggest you stick with the ‘Like It’ size unless you are sharing it with someone. The Cold Stone Creamery is famous for their finest and fresh Ice Creams. Though the Ice Creams are of premium quality, the pricing is the part where I have the issue with. A bill of Rs 500+ for two people, just for Ice Creams is something I can’t-do every week. I would prefer to get a big pack of London Dairy or Baskin Robbins for that price and happy enjoy it watching NetFlix. That said, Cream Stone is not a place where you can hangout too frequent but is definitely a place with its class and stratum. I love to visit this place again to try their signature Smoothies and Shakes.

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