Located in Kalyan Nagar HRBR layout, BYLI is a cute little restaurant. It’s a small outlet with both A/C and non-A/C seating options. The look and feel vaguely resembles to that of Truffles, New BEL road. The neighborhood is good, peace and less crowded, with ample place around to park both cars and bikes. We parked right in front of the restaurant, convenient. Right at the entrance they had a black board into which something was scribbled. This is to attract the people who pass by the side walk. The store front requires massive renovation as it looked very basic and there was nothing catchy but a simple plain name board. Me and my friend visited this place around 3 on a Sunday afternoon and still the place was 80% packed.

byli restaurant

Moving in, like I said, there is both A/C and non-A/C seating. Since it is a small place I could see some tables are struggling to stick on with the limited space. There were two tables which was bit elevated from the ground and had wooden flooring. There were brass finish overhead lamps providing soft and ample lighting. Of course, the toilet was bit cramped too, I saw an old person struggling to open and come out of it without touching the toilet seat. Well, this all matters only if you are a person who would like to go to minute level of detail.

byli restaurant seating

BYLI Review

We chose to sit on the A/C area and initially we were offered 2 seaters but, we moved to the bigger table which was more comfortable and had better lighting. Right in the middle they had this high chair seating which is perfect for working on laptop or for some evening chit chats. There was no network for Airtel and since I had to update my Instagram stories we asked for Wi-Fi password and they were reluctant to share the same. This puts me bit worried about the people who would like to come here and work by connecting their laptops. Well, folks at BYLI is forgetting the fact that it is a Café and Mocktail Bar. Anyway, I had to step out of the restaurant to get a proper signal.

byli restaurant book shelf

While referring the Zomato menu I saw somewhere they have mentioned about the Library. I was bit curious but, the collection of books they had was very limited. It was just inside the A/C dining area.
We ordered Berry Blast, Mozzarella in Carrozza, Pizza Gerogios and Honey and Almond Pie.

The Berry Blast was served first, which should not be the order since we have a starter item. The drink description on the menu was something like; “Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and other berry you can think of all blended to make a blast”. Don’t fall for it people! It was just normal ice cream shake with whipped cream on the top. Nowhere close to how it was described on the menu.

byli restaurant berry blast

My negative vibe about the place faded away once Mozzarela in Carrozza was served. This is a MUST TRY starter item on the menu. Served along with it was the minted apple dip and salsa huancaina, a perfect combination to indulge. Outside, the bread was deep friend to make it crispy and inside, it was melted Mozarella cheese and pesto.

byli restaurant mozzarella in carrozza

The Georgios Pizza was an absolute treat. Served with rich topping of Tomato, Cheese, green capsicum, black olives, semi-dried tomatoes, spring onion, feta cheese, herbs and garlic. We were planning to order one more main course but, this pizza was well enough for two people. To top it all, it was thin crust pizza. Absolutely mouth-watering and worth the money. The pizza menu is reasonably priced and has a lot of varieties to try out.

byli restaurant pizza georgio

Just when we are about to leave, we had a thought of trying out something from the dessert counter. There were only 3 item on the counter since it is already 4 in the afternoon. It took a while to serve Honey N Almond Pie but, we weren’t expecting the way it was served. The pie was served in a beautiful ceramic tumbler which was used pre-heat. There was generous amount of garnishing which included caramel, blueberry, cheese, and the pie had a honey glazing to give it a final finish. I still can feel it on my mouth and it was absolutely lip-smacking. This is a MUST TRY dessert.

honey almond pie byli restaurant

Overall, the experience was good. The food was delicious and sumptuous, except for the drink. Try to order Mock tails as it is their specialty and the milkshakes are not worth having, if going by the menu description. The service was not prompt and could have been improved. The book shelves need to be revisited, may be put a light to show case a bit. The time to serve the foods should be cut down a bit.

Ambiance 3.5/5
Service 3/5
Food quality – 4/5
Food quantity – 4.5/5
Value for money 4.5/5
Rating 3.9/5

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