Human imagination is limitless and if you can imagine certain things, some day you may quite possibly achieve it! Keeping that in mind, imagine a pirate ship, with lot of friendly people on board, contrary to the belief, and serves delicious food to fill up your plates and tummy. Welcome onboard to the famous The Black Pearl restaurant. This pirate themed fancy restaurant is designed to feel as if you are getting into a real ship. Located right near to the Kadubeesanahalli bridge, the black pearl is one of the most preferred restaurants to host a party or team lunch.

black pearl

Parking is available for both two wheelers and cars. Valet parking is also available on demand. The restaurant is in the 5th floor of the building and most of the time the elevator will be crowded. Better you take the stairs especially, if you are a group of more than 10 people. The lift is also small and you will end up taking two trips to reach the top. Second, try to reach here before 12:30 if you are planning lunch, the place get really crowded.

black pearl restaurant

The Black Pearl has a huge floor area with seating capacity more than 200. There are even seats in the upper deck (roof top) called Jack’s Balcony. As you enter, you will be welcomed by eerie statues of creatures, mainly from the movie. The Davy Jones statue is a prominent one and I bet you couldn’t stop yourself from clicking a picture. To make it look genuine, you can borrow the pirate caps and use it for funky selfies. A huge chandelier, designed in the shape of Octopus, was there in the hall.he place get crowded easily once it passes the 1 in the afternoon.

black pearl restaurant

At the Table

We were a team of 12 people, both veg and non-vegetarians, and as soon as we got seated the staffs started helping themselves to set up the grill and serving us drinks. They also took Chaat orders which will be served directly from the Chaat counter. I loved Litchi and Strawberry, they also had Jal Jeera and Mango.

black pearl drinks

Once you get settle down with Chaat and drinks, the crew will start serving starters. Since I am a non-vegetarian I got to try the best from both ends of the table. Gobi Manchurian Dry, Roasted Corn, Black Pearl Special Jamaican Potato in Mayonnaise Sauce, Pankhadi Kebab, Pudina Mutton Seekh Kebab. The Roasted Corn from the Vegetarian session was delicious and I kept on asking for a lot more of it. The Gobi Manchurian was my second favorite followed by Pudina Mutton Seekh Kebab.

black pearl restaurant corn

Unfortunately, for the vegetarians, the Paneer starters were not up to the mark. To begin with, the masala was bit of the higher side. Some batch of Paneer chunks were chewy and some, on the other hand, were delicious and juicy.

barbeque chicken black pearl

The Black Pearl Special Jamaican Potato in Mayo sauce was indeed a special dish. The only problem being, you can’t continue indulging into a lot of it as you run out of interest eventually. After all, its Potato!

jamaican potato

Then came the Jamaican Jerk Chicken. A typical fried Chicken dish treated with Barbeque sauce and other spices. I bet you will like it.

black pearl restaurant barbeque

On the grill, they had Prawns, Chicken and Fish. For me, Prawns is always the priority. It was bit salty but still managed to content all the flavors and I loved it. Then the priority shifted to Fish, not Chicken, and it was one of the best Fish I have ever tasted. The fish was cooked to perfection and it was juicy and literally, ‘melts in the mouth’ category.

The Chaat Counter

Located at one of the corner, near to the Washroom was the Chaat counter. Like others, the staff here also were dressed in honor of the pirate ship. I loved the Dahi Kachori Chat, personal favorite, among the rest of the 15+ varieties they were serving.

chaat dahi puri

The staffs were quite fast and they were patient enough to listen to the customization I required. The Chat counter is not that visible especially, to the people who sit at the ends of the hall. I suggest you give it a try as they are delicious at least, hygienic.

The Live Grill Counter and Pizza Counter

This is one of the most exciting part of the package. Again, I am talking about the Non-Veg items. The Pirate Grill, that’s what they call it, served exotic meats like; Rabbit, Emu, Squid, Octopus along with; Prawns, Chicken Liver, Chicken BBQ, Tawa Fish Chilly and Boiled eggs.

live grill black pearl

I tried a small portion of everything and turns out, I am not much of a fan of the exotic meat. You can tell them what all meat you want and they will handpick the ones and roast it using spices, sauce on the big pan. The octopus was kind of smelly and chewy as if the cooking was not up to the perfection. Rabbit and Emu were the best on the list.

exotic meats emu squid octopus

Next to it was the counter which served Pizza. The size is pretty small compared to the standard 8” inch pizza. The pizza base was all crunchy and biscuitty. It was just for the name sake and honestly was not at all good.

Self Service Counter

Divided as veg and non-veg dishes, you can find; many Indian curries, Biryanis, Pasta and salads at self-service counter. Again, I tried a small portion of everything and I am not that impressed. The chicken Patiala for eg, was not boneless and the egg wrappings were off from the meat. Blame the careless crowd but, what about the bone? The masala was bit high and the rest of team members also didn’t like it.

The salad stand at Black Pearl, which also acts like a separator for Veg and Non-Veg items, had fresh fruits, corn, vegetables etc. The Penne Pasta with Cajun sauce was bland. The Biryani was little spicy, for my taste. Overall, the self- service counter was more like a place you can easily turn down especially having that much at the table.

rice and curry

They also will serve Rotis and Naan which you can club with the curries you pick up at the self-service counter. The breads were incredible and delicious. It’s a bummer that the curries, which it goes with, was bit off.

Dessert and Pan Ice Cream Counter

For me, having dessert at the end of the meal is the most exciting part. Waiting with the exuberant crowd, I managed to gather a small piece of everything they had in the dessert section. As I started tasting one by one, an air of melancholy surrounded me. The more bites I took the more dispirited I have become.

angoori jamun

Lucky for me, the Angoori Julab Jamun lifted my spirits back to the level. The Paan Ice Cream and Lemon Ice Cream was also average, you can club it with add-ons to make it better. The plain Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream was also average in taste nothing like having a premium ice cream.

ice cream

The Marathahalli and surrounding areas are packed with IT establishments and I am sure running a buffet place will be one of the most profitable businesses. Currently, the Flechazo is one of the most rated buffet place in the area, followed by Absolute Barbeque. The Black Pearl is one great place with unique ambiance, huge seating capacity and descent buffet spread. Sadly, the plus points about this place is also the down side. The pirate ship theme calls the need for an open dining area rather than an Air-Conditioned one. The heat from the barbeque grill combined with the summer could be a problem at times. The big seating capacity makes it hard to maintain the crowd and eventually affects the delivery time. Though the grill, Chaat, exotic meat, starters and drinks seemed good but the pizza, desserts and self-service counter could be improved.

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