Located in a peaceful and very quiet neighborhood of Whitefield area, Bistro Boulevard is one of those restaurants which we would like to call the ‘Hidden Gem’. It was a weekday evening, after a long weekend, me and my friend decided to check out this place. This place is literally in the middle of Whitefield but figuratively, in a locality that is far from the cacophonies of the city, away from the rasping noises of the vehicles. It was a beautiful evening with cold breeze and we decided to sit on the roof top area.

bistro boulevard

First impressions, Bistro Boulevard is not easy to locate as it is not in the main road. You should use the Google maps to get here otherwise it will be bit hard to find. As it was a developing neighborhood there most of the surrounding were not occupied. Without any doubt, Bistro Boulevard makes a great place to hang out during mornings and evenings. The scenic greenery it offers is something hard to spot around Bangalore these days.

bistro boulevard

I went all judgmental about the food since there was no/very few people in there. We ordered a full course meal; starters, drinks, 2 main course. The pricing was reasonable and there was not much of tax split up in the final bill. We ordered Honey Ryder and Berry Mint for drinks, Onion Rings with Salsa Mayo, Carrot and Coriander Soup, Alfredo Pasta and Mozzarella Pizza. Oh, Boy! The food was delicious and that’s when I realized this place indeed is a hidden gem.

bistro boulevard

We started off with Carrot and Coriander soup. Wow! First sip and my friend was like; I am telling you the food will be great in here. I couldn’t agree more after having my first sip. One of the best Carrot and Coriander soups ever. I have seen other people mentioning the same and they are right. This soup is a MUST TRY.

carrot coriander soup

Berry Mint was nothing but a beautiful combination of mint, raspberry and cranberry juice. It tasted exactly like the name and I loved it.

berry mint mocktail

Honey Ryder is a MUST TRY drink if you like Banana as a drink. It is pure mix of fresh banana, honey and passion fruit. Full marks for the combination and obviously, it was delicious. One of the best drink I have ever had. Considering the price tag, it was completely worth.

honey ryder mocktail

The drinks in here is absolutely mouth-watering and flavorsome. Give it a try and I bet you will love it.

The Onion Rings with Salsa Mayo was good, not great. The onions lacked consistency, wish it had more flour to hold before frying. But the Salsa Mayo and Onion Rings combination was really stunning. It was indeed lip-smacking. We literally emptied the Salsa Mayo bowl they have served and we have even dipped the raw carrots and cabbage during the process.

onion rings with salsa mayo

The Alfredo pasta was served along with a slice of garlic bread, wish there was two of it. The quantity is more than enough for two. The pasta was delicious and flavorsome. There was broccoli pieces and other vegetables to chew along with the spaghetti.

spaghetti Alfredo pasta

If we must point out only a single problem, then it would be with the Mozzarella Pizza. Before ordering, the staff had pointed out that it is just cheese and basil pizza and no other toppings, we said it’s find and ordered it. But, may be because I am fan of pizza with lot of toppings, I find it bit boring and over the course of having more than 2 slice you will feel it to bland. Just cheese and basil leaves, what do you expect. Though the pizza was only 9” inch it was of course enough to serve two people. Also, the important thing, it was salty since the cheese used was salted. We were already full and we eventually had to give up on the last few slices.

mozzarella pizza

Wish they had an option to add more toppings like an add-on. This could be veg or non-veg toppings. The pizza was unbearably salty which should not be the case. The Bistro Boulevard is at a great location unshaken by the concreate buildings, at least for few years, and has a great ambiance which makes it almost unrivaled.

To the management: The service was prompt this time because there was less number of customers, you might need to scale up the staff size to handle more crowd. Wish there was more desserts in the menu. One important suggestion; if possible include a Hukkah Menu, this will definitely attract more crowd. I would love to visit this place again and I am more than happy to recommend this place.

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