Benaam roughly translates into ‘Unnamed’, thanks to Google translator, and the fact that it is a Hindi word makes it an apt title to the place which serves authentic North Indian food. While the naming scheme may seem like a part of the lazy play, it ends there and the food they serve is delicious as well as, well garnished for your eyes. When Mr. Avinash, the Co-Founder of Yumlok restaurant chains in Bangalore, announced his new venture I was pretty excited to try to out. He gladly replied to my warm regards and offered me to review the food. If Yumlok was a veggie friendly business, Benaam serves non-vegetarian as well. However, I have ordered vegetarian food for this review considering my dear friend and roomie Kiran.

I have ordered Paneer Tawa Chaap, Shahi Mix Veg, Ghee Phulka, Paneer Makhani Biryani, Moong Dal Halwa, Masala Cold Beverage.

Before I begin the review, few things;

Benaam Kitchen Review

Delivery and Packaging: Though the delivery was on-time, the way the food was handled while commuting made it leak out of the container a bit. I want them to be more careful and professional rather than carrying the food under the seat of the scooter. However, most of the food was intact thanks to the good quality packaging.

Benaam Kitchen Review

We started off with Paneer Tawa Chaap. There were 8 pieces and was served with cabbage and onion salad. The food presentation looked absolutely beautiful. The Paneer edges were burnt, expected since it is cooked in Tawa. The one thing that bothered me was the bland taste. Even though the paneer was cooked to perfection, the cubes tasted bland.

paneer tawa chaap

The Ghee Phulka and Shahi Mix Veg were lip-smacking. The Phulka was soft and the ghee made it even delicious. The Shahi Mix Veg was a bit spicy for my taste but, loved it. I was literally eating the curry when we ran out of Phulka.

ghee phulka

The Paneer Makhani Biryani, one of the best Biryanis I have tasted. The masala, the spices, and the rice was all perfect except the Paneer cubes. Like the Paneer in the Tawa Chaap, it tasted bland. Me and my friend absolutely loved the Biryani and this is a Must Try from Benaam. Wish they had taken better care while cooking Paneer.

paneer makhani biryani

And the dessert, Moong Dal Halwa one of my favorite Indian Desserts, was of good quantity. It was rich with ghee and was literally melting inside my mouth. There were adequate cashew nuts for my taste. A perfect after meal dessert it was.

moong daal halwa

I am really impressed with the Food Quality and Quantity Benaam Kitchen. The quantity of curry was good enough that we reused it for our dinner. However, the Masala Cold Beverage was low in Fizz may be because it was kept open for a long time. The rice was absolutely delicious and I would love to try it again. The best part is, you can order everything until 1 AM at night. Kudos to the team behind Benaam for creating such a great platform. Kindly note the issues I have faced and keep up the good work. Good job with both Yumlok and Benaam Kitchen.

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