Behrouz, a kingdom which was once home to the most popular recipe of layered rice, now known as Biryani, is a long-lost city from the bygone era. It was until the late 21st century, when Dr. James Casily and his archaeology team unearthed the remnants of a city called Behrouz in the erstwhile region of Persia, it is not a secret anymore. It is believed that, this recipe which is cooked on slow fire with 7 secret spices has a fragrance that allured kings & nobles from around the world; rest is history! Luckily, the chefs at palace of Behrouz has sent me their delicious Behrouz biryani to taste and this is a review of the same.

behrouz biryani

First, kudos to the team – Behrouz Biryani especially, for coming up with an amazing and thrilling story about the Behrouz Kingdom. Call me dull-witted, it took me a while to figure it out; it’s just a work of fiction folks! They did a great job in building a brand, right from the scratch, coming up with a perfect business strategy and excellent execution.

behrouz biryani

I asked for Dum Gosht Biryani (Non-Veg), Subz e Falafel Biryani (Veg) and Gulkand-E-Bahar for dessert. Starting off with the delivery, it was perfectly on-time! Full marks for that. Next, the packaging! Honestly, this is one of the most premium looking home delivery packaging I have ever had. Look at the box; it indeed looked like it has been sent directly from the palace kitchen.

behrouz biryani mouth freshner

As you open, you will see an epilogue which tells you what actually happened. There is also a QR code, for the bibliophiles, which opens webpage which tell you the story of Behrouz. There were tissues, a small brochure, good quality spoon and premium mouth freshener!

behrouz biryani gulab jamun

The Gulab Jamun and Raita came in two small containers, neatly packed. Full marks for the packaging.

behrouz biryani raita

The Dum Gosht Biryani is a mutton based biryani, served with Raita and 1 gulab jamun. It was boneless, the way I like it. There were almond slices and other spices to make it look rich. The mutton pieces were cooked to perfection and it melts in your mouth with ease. The Subz e Falafel Biryani is a vegetable biryani topped with crunchy falafel. The Gulkand – E -Bahar was mouth-watering and I see it as a perfect dessert for a royal feast like this.

behrouz biryani gulkand

Both the biryanis were delicious and lip-smacking. Though each packet is designed for 1 serving, the quantity was more than enough. The pricing may seem tad-bit high but, considering the packaging, brand, box contents, quantity, quality and home-delivery it obviously, for me, is reasonably priced. For me, Biryani is about flavor and not about how much masala you put it. The rice can taste semi-bland but, I need the flavors fragrance each time I take a mouth-full. The rice was not at all sticky, which is good. I don’t like it too spicy, the Andhra Biryani, and so Behrouz Biryani was a great experience for me. At least, I didn’t sweat of had running nose because of too much masala.

Overall, it was a great experience with Behrouz Biryani and honestly, this is one of the best Biryani I have tasted after coming to Bangalore. I am 100% satisfied and would love to recommend this brand to anyone.

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