The affordable food/bar menu and the balcony seating, which overlooks the 100ft Road, makes the Barebones score good ratings. The bar ambiance, for me, felt as nothing but a dim-lit, archaic shack which needs a major renovation to pump up the game to match with the top players. Located at the 100ft Indiranagar, Barebones – The Balcony Bar is one of the most rated pubs in the area. Me and my friends visited here for a Sunday party. Though the experience was good I would like to do a comprehensive review to spew out all my thoughts about the place.

Barebones Review

The initial pictures of Barebones which are on Zomato are taken way back and during day time. I find those images quite deceiving since it doesn’t match with the reality. They have a dim lit ambiance which is soothing and peaceful but, the lightings need to revisited. Though the spiral stairs to the first floor is antique piece but, may be complex to process for a drunken mind.

The balcony seat, with high chairs, is a sweet spot and I suggest you book that, if you planning to visit. The indoor seating near the bar counter is of sofas and mainly for groupies. Other than that, rest of the seats are incommodious to occupy.

We ordered Corn Cheese Balls (Rs 229) and Fried Chicken in a Basket (Rs 299) as starters, Make Your Own Spaghetti with Red Sauce (Rs 299) for main course, VAT 69 (Rs 239), LIIT (Rs 379) and KF Ultra Max (Rs 189)
Without any doubt, the bar menu is great in here and much cheaper compared to most of the other places. The way they have crafted the shots menu with more than 20+ varieties is quite brilliant. If you are into Shots, then this menu can work wonders on you. In fact, some of the shots name and the contents in it will make you crave for some. Not only the shots menu, the bar menu also scores full marks when it comes to pricing.

The food part, this is the part I hated. First thing, the menu had very limited vegetarian choices for main course and the items listed wasn’t available too. We started off with Cheese Balls, not the best I had. It was served along with sauce and raw carrot and cabbage.

The Fried Chicken in a basket was a disaster. I asked the waiter specifically for the dish which is boneless and this one had bone in it. I strongly believe they have served the wrong item. The Spaghetti with Red Sauce was the only veg item in the menu and it was ok. It lacked the flavors and was an average dish.

This place is more like a backup plan for the people who got left out from the nearby big pubs. It is imperative this place gets a renovation on high-priority basis. They have lot of staffs, which is good. The service is good. The lighting should be done properly. The food menu needs to be worked out from scratch, especially the main course, add more vegetarian dishes. I strongly believe, a major renovation and if you can ease up on the tax a little bit, this place has the potential to become one of the best. For drinks, I highly recommend this place.

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